Unable to save messages

I am not sure from what version but now with v.6.716 if I have a message open, neither of the two pull down menus on the right gives an option to save a message (as a text file, somewhere in the data storage area of the phone.)

Now, the only way to save a message is to click on Forward, then do a copy/paste to an open text editor app. This is really a pain in the butt. Is this an error, or the Save option was removed intentionally?

There never was a save option. However, there is a “Share” option in the overflow menu next to the reply button.

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You’re absolutely right, it’s my fault, I forgot check there. Thank you.

But it would be still more elegant if there was a option “Save As…” or “Save As Text File” in the pull down menu, since “Share” command isn’t really logical in this or similar scenario, since I definately don’t want to share the files that I want to save in an external text file with no one.

“Share” is used relatively consistently on Android. The share action is used to share content to other apps, not necessarily other people.

With which would you share to save the mail? On S7 the File manager app is not available as target. With Total Commander I can share and save, but I have to change file extension afterwards manually to be able to open it in text editor

OK, if that’s the case, I accept that. But my opinion about elegance still holds water especially considering older generations who started their computing life with a Windows PC like I have instead of smart phone.

I have Galaxy S9, I also have “File Manager +” on it, and the Share option does give me File Manager+ as an option.

By the way, if you have total commander, that should work also. You just have to navigate to the right folder and give a name to the file making sure of that you put .txt at the end of the file name. This case you can open the file in total commander any time.

Right - I missed that I can name it directly on share in TC. Works fine.