Unable to access my torfree.net account

I have an email account with torfree.net.

It’s an IMAP account and is accessible with no encryption at port 143.

Thunderbird has no problems connecting to this account, but I’ve been unsuccessful with K9 Mail.

The mail server is mail.torfree.net.

Welcome @Ivan_Frey :wave:

While you can configure K-9 Mail to not use any transport encryption, you really shouldn’t. It’s 2023 and there’s absolutely no excuse for an email provider to not support TLS. Without it, someone who can see the network traffic of your device can read the emails you are downloading. This might not be a huge problem when you’re at home and your internet provider is also your email provider. However, it’s very much a concern when using a mobile device.

I strongly recommend you find a different email provider.