Two questions about notifications and accounts

I updated to the latest version and noticed that now it’s not possible to select a certain notification sound for mail and that the only one available is that used as default in the phone. The second thing I noticed is that special commands once used as last resort to delete strange or duplicate folders have disappeared (I cannot remember its name now). Why’s that? Is that a precise choice or am I missing something? Thanks

No idea about those folders but I’m using “my” notification sound on the latest Beta without any issues. Maybe it’s an Android (11?) or phone/OEM problem?

Hi, I have. a former version of Android (9) and in this latest version of k9, into settings there is no possibility to modify notifications. Don’t tell me you can modify the sound for incoming mails from k9? Please explain better because I could not understand your point. So far it seems to me that these new versions of k9 depend of the internal settings of the phone, so notification sound must be the same for all (whatsapp, k9 and so on). I am planning to revert back to several versions before because I have seen that this upgrades offer less personalization.

Yeah, it does. The internal settings of the phone do offer very detailed personalization, though, including the sound for each account. See the “open notification settings” item on the bottom. On the screen that opens, you can not only enable/disable items, but also click them. On my phone, I have settings for sound, vibration, lock screen, blinking LED, etc. - for each account individually.

Even though @ByteHamster already replied (and I’m on Android 10, not 9) I’ll still give you the steps in k9 itself - when I saw the email notification I made screenshots for you and I don’t want them to go to waste :smiley:

Open K9 settings, then tap on the account you want to edit, then Notifications and Notification settings on the bottom, screenshot 1
On the next screen longpress on Messages of the account you want to change, screenshot 2
Next, longpress on Advanced, screenshot 3 and then tap on sound, screenshot 4
Then finally either select a built-in sound or tap on Ringtone from external storage and find your sound there, screenshot 5

I hope that helped - if not you then someone else lol.

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Thank you so much!!! Apart from the screenshots I didn’t know I could click on the single voices into the phone’s settings! You made my day!!!

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