Two possible 6.801 issues?

found other problems with the 6.801 (android 12)
1 messages are deleted in K9, but are still in the online email-inbox
2 messages sent out successfully in K9, but do not move to “sent messages” automatically

have not seen these issues in early versions

    1. Make sure the settings of that account are correct so that deleted mails are deleted from the server too. Also it could probably take a few minutes for changes, like deletions, to get updated.
    1. Check your folder settings and make sure the Sent folder is listed properly.
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have been using the same settings from older versions of K9 for years (for the same email-service). the same settings have not seen these problems in earlier versions…

am wondering to downgrade the k9 app…

Why not simply check + confirm those settings?

Maybe a rom/Android update messed something up, or your email provider changed something. I too have been using the same settings for years and now on my A14 custom rom they still work.

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what made you think that I had not done that?
strange. Of course have done that! (before posting, surely will check first the app and settings, several times)

The problem you are experiencing is suggestive of a settings rather than an app issue. Some detail as to how you verified your existing settings might help. Hence the previous post.