Two Gmail accounts, one works, the other doesn't

I’m having this problem with the K9 app, in that out of the two accounts one Gmail account works, while the other doesn’t. Both have the same settings, and the account that doesn’t work, previously worked. Today after trying to fetch new messages, I got this error:

(Command: *sensitive*; response: #3#[NO, [AUTHENIFICATIONFAILED], invalid credentials (Failure)])

I’ve tried recreating the account on K9, deleting the old app password, and typing it in again, checking that I type every letter/number correctly, but to no avail.
Is there something I’m missing?

You’ll need to set an “app password” in your Google security settings since they see K9 (and most other non-gmail mail apps) as an “unsafe 3rd party app” and have really started pushing that.
Once you set that password you enter that in the account settings of K9 instead of your regular one.
Those passwords can only be used for 1 app and if you change devices etc. and have to set K9 up again you need to delete the old pass in your Google security settings and get a new one. So no need to save that app password anywhere either :+1:t3:

As I said earlier, I did use the app pasword in Google security settings, and I tried making a new one a few times, checking if I didn’t mistype it, still the same issue.