Trying to read a mail goes straight to Reply To

When I try to read an E-Mail from my In Box by tapping on it, K9 goes straight to the Reply To form. I can read the mail there, because it is copied into the new reply mail, but the formatting isn’t ideal and I always have to cancel the reply to get back to my in box.

I have been using K9 for more than 4 years now and this started happening about 2 weeks ago. I did not change any settings, so this might have come up with a recent update?

Is there any new functionality: “Tap once to reply and tap twice to read” or something?

K9 Version 6.602
Android 13
Samsung A54 5G

also happened on Android 11, Motorola One Vision

I figured out what the problem was.

My folder settings were all over the place. My start folder was linked to Unwanted, my sent folder was linked to the trash can and so on. No folder was linked to the obvious selection. Once I had straightened that out, I was able to click on a mail and read it.

Not sure why these messed up folder settings caused K9 to instantly reply to any mail I tried to read, but there you go.