Translating documentation to spanish

Hello! I wanted to tell you that I have been working on translating K-9’s documentation to Spanish, I forked the original repo. I just wanted to let you know in case anyone else was already working on it, and also I am not too sure about how to merge together everything once done.
I am simply translating Art’s current progress, so I’ve only added the translation to and that were already reworked with new screenshots and such.
This is my current progress but I don’t know if I should keep working on a separate fork and stuff. I am fairly new to git, so I did not want to mess with branches and the like.
Should I keep working on this? or maybe help with the issues @cketti mentioned?

Currently we don’t support translations of the documentation. Figuring out how to enable that is mostly a technical problem and should probably be discussed in our k9mail-docs repository directly.

I decided to add an issue in the repo then!