To instantly permanently delete

Please add an option, could be a setting for the delete button, to instantly permanently delete unwanted emails.

I get tons of emails that I want deleted, instantly, and not to have to go around accounts and to open all trash folders to empty them.

Just tap delete and gone forever!

This will also reduce the size this application takes on phones.

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You can configure the app to not use a Trash folder by changing Settings → [Account] → Folders → Trash folder to None.


I have Trash set to
and nothing is getter there.

Is there another setting that works in conjunction ???

ALSO : I just discover (and changed) some setting that was deleting PERMANENTLY~
NOT nice! :slight_smile: and I don’t remember changing anything previously. SIGH!

What I really need is explanations of the 4 delete mail setting and how they interact.
(BTW: I can’t find any explanation of deleting main the docs!)

I just want , what I see as, the “old way”::

  1. I delete mail on K-9.
  2. it tells my server to mark it for deletion.
  3. the server moves it to a delete Folder
  4. K-9 doesn’t delete it permanently.
    (BTW: I’m currently using a version of Squirrel Mail that has a permanent option)