Time not visible!

Why in the world can the user not see the time a message is received, if earlier than today? It is often a crucial piece of information. I would like to see it in the summary view, at least as an option in settings, but definitely should be visible when looking at the individual email.

Someone has written that we can use “Show header” to see the time. First, that is an unnecessary additional step, and secondly, what is displayed there has many dates and times, for various reasons, and so it is confusing and time-consuming to try and locate the simple time received, out of the non-user-friendly header information.

Whether the date and time of a message are important is very context-specific. I’d argue that for most users, most of the time it’s not important at all. The full date and time take up a lot of space. So we’re not showing this information in the message view.

You can open a detail screen that always shows the full date and time by tapping the left side of the message header when viewing a message (the area with a gray background containing sender and recipient information).

Side note: We show the date/time value from the message’s Date header field, which in most cases is the time the message was created.

Thank you for the quick reply. I didn’t know you can tap the head (top) of the message to see time and other info. That does help. However, I would say most people will want to see time in a previous day’s message fairly often. In the current format, the three-letter day shows in the head of the message. I think there is room for just the time (without the date) to its right.

There could be a Settings option whether to show the time, although I would vote for it always to be visible, especially if it fits into the current layout. As for touching the head display to open up details, maybe a small button to show that option, in the head area, would make it more obvious to users?

Hmm no, I would definitely vote against that. :woman_shrugging:

IF it becomes an option then it should be just that - a selectable option. Personally I see no reason to clutter up the view just to show the time of a message … I don’t remember ever having had the need to see at what time a message was sent to me yesterday, last week or last month.

As an option sure, that way those of us who don’t need to see it won’t have to deal with the clutter :+1:


Because I need to coordinate meetings with multiple people all adding to conversations, knowing the time a message came in is very helpful. To minimize “clutter”, it can be 3-4 digits, colon, and “am/pm” e.g. “3:49am”. To the right of the day, it does not seem to me to be clutter. Anyway, that is my opinion. Certainly, if that can be an option to have on or off, everyone would be pleased.

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