Thunderbird replacement

I’m confused in reading online articles.

I’ve been using K9 for years now. Has Thunderbird created a replacement app? Am I supposed to continue using K9 or switch to Thunderbird? I don’t see a Thunderbird app for my Android.


What have your read that is confusing? K-9 Mail is part of the Thunderbird project now. That’s it.

I believe I stated my confusion. Is there a Thunderbird app for android which replaces K9? I’ve been using K9 for years. I don’t see any difference. I don’t see any way to update/convert it. Is it merely that the Thunderbird folks have simply absorbed the K9 work now and that the 2 are still unrelated in any other way?

Please share a link to whatever you read that is causing your confusion. Nothing has changed for users at this time.

Both articles contain statements that seem to clearly indicate that the change of name is still in the future.

Ultimately, K-9 Mail will transform into Thunderbird on Android.

transition to Thunderbird for Android in Summer 2023.