Three aesthetic requests

I’m delighted that K-9 on all three of my Android apps is now retrieving emails from my Gmail accounts. It means that for me K-9 is once again the king of Android email apps!

I would now like to very humbly request three aesthetic improvements.

1. Colour coding for each email account.
I keep my K-9s in “Unified” mode, so that I can see at a glance all incoming emails from all my different email accounts. But in the recent revamp of K-9 the colour coding for each account was minimised to a small segment of colour at the top-left of each email (in the left-hand column in Unified view). Before the revamp of K-9 the colour coding was much more prominent, which helped one to immediately and very easily identify which email was from which account.

So, please, could the colour-coding be made more visually prominent? Could the current vertical segment of colour be widened or lengthened, or both?

2. Jet-black backgrounds.
All my Android devices are set to Dark Mode: it saves power, and it saves the eyes, particularly when working on things in bed at night.

So, if a user selects Dark Mode for K-9, please could all of the backgrounds in K-9 be jet-black? At the moment some spaces are jet-black but some are dark grey.

3. Reformatting of text within emails.
In the past six months or so I have noticed that some incoming emails do not reformat so as to be easily readable. It’s as if the sender has sent them in a fixed form of formatting. This often means that the textual content of an email is so tiny that it cannot be easily read, so that to read it one has to zoom in, but that then means that not all of the text can be seen on the screen at one time, so one has to move along each line of text, back and forth, which really is tedious.

So, is it possible for K-9 to force the reformatting of the text of all incoming emails to one standard size, one stand pitch or size of font, perhaps selected by the user in General Settings?

Thank you for considering the above.



Does no other member of this forum agree that the colour coding could be made stronger, that jet-black backgrounds throughout (if in dark mode) would be preferable, and that being able to reformat text (particularly tiny text) would be helpful improvements?

Backgrounds: it should be configurable as people do have different needs.

Formatting: has also be asked here:

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I also think that the colour coding could be a bit greater.

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I would also like to request a function to enlarge the text size of incoming emails. I think it’s to do with the text wrapping or something. In an effort to get all of the line of text to fit the phone screen, BlueMail reduces the font size. As you can see from the attached full screen grab - this is a ridiculous function and means every email has to be zoomed into or the phone put in landscape.

Please sort this out.

You posted on the forum of the wrong app. This is the K-9 Mail forum, not the BlueMail forum.

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Oh dear. That’s Google search for you. Thanks for letting me know. And I guess if I was thinking of changing my email app to avoid tiny text… There’s no point moving to K9!