The trash folder (IMAP) is displayed twice

Hello community,
I use the official version 5.600 from the PlayStore and have the following problem after setting up K-9 on my second smartphone:
The trash folder (IMAP) is displayed twice for one of my accounts. On my other smartphone, this is only displayed correctly once.
How do I get the duplicate entry removed?

I guess you’ve already tried to press the 3dots (down-right) then performed a refresh.
If this still holds, then you need first to identify which trash is linked to the imap remote server.

once it’s done, long press on the wrong one → folder parameters → uncheck the box ‘display’ then refresh like before.

hopefully this will helps

otherwise it’s a mapping problem, you need to enter the main parameters-> folders and affect the trash folder consequently, then refresh again, this should be ok then.


yes actually … a folder refresh was my first approach.
However, it did not change anything in the duplicate folder.
Your first tip helped and I am happy :slight_smile:
thanks for that

Hi, I have ported k9 from my old phone to a new one (OPPO A72).
I have the same problem: in one of my accounts, the folder Trash is displayed twice. The solution suggested do not solve the problem. The two folder (IMAP) are connected to the same IMAP folder. If I change local parameters in one Trash folder, automatically the same changes are setted in the other do they are always identical in link, contains and properties.
Updating, compacting, rebooting do not solve.
In the old phone all accounts and in the new one all other accounts display only one trash folder for each account.

I have partially solved recreating the data of the account many times.

The data recreating can be done with long-tap on the account in the accounts list and then taping data recreation. I had to retry many times the operation because each time also other kind of folder were duplicated, not only the trash, once Incoming mail was displayed 3 times! After many tries, the folder were all once displayed and I stopped there!

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Roberto, Bingo. This tip worked brilliantly. :pray::pray: