The trash folder (IMAP) is displayed twice

Hello community,
I use the official version 5.600 from the PlayStore and have the following problem after setting up K-9 on my second smartphone:
The trash folder (IMAP) is displayed twice for one of my accounts. On my other smartphone, this is only displayed correctly once.
How do I get the duplicate entry removed?

I guess you’ve already tried to press the 3dots (down-right) then performed a refresh.
If this still holds, then you need first to identify which trash is linked to the imap remote server.

once it’s done, long press on the wrong one → folder parameters → uncheck the box ‘display’ then refresh like before.

hopefully this will helps

otherwise it’s a mapping problem, you need to enter the main parameters-> folders and affect the trash folder consequently, then refresh again, this should be ok then.


yes actually … a folder refresh was my first approach.
However, it did not change anything in the duplicate folder.
Your first tip helped and I am happy :slight_smile:
thanks for that