The new Outlook365 requirements/specifications

I just got bitten by a migration from a locally (I think?) hosted Exchange server to outsourced Office365/Outlook365 hosting and “modern authentication” requirements (2 factor authentication is required just for the web interface, using our Kerberos server and Duo - I haven’t personally dug into the requirements for an IMAP client). As near as I can tell, this is supposed to be addressed in the next version (looking forward to it).

I just wanted to make sure the requirements for support are clear, so it will work for my needs when the next version is released. A lot of the discussion I have seen has been focused on GMail support, but I think Outlook support is necessary for a lot of users, such as myself, and I am sure it is on the agenda. Perhaps some organization specifics need to be dealt with.

In-house migration documentation -

MS’s migration documentation -

For what it’s worth, I first noticed the issue a couple days ago, contacted our IT department and was told about the migration. I was getting the error discussed in this thread (among others, depending on configuration) -
It almost seems like it is going to work at times, but never quite gets there.

Also, it would be great to have a guide for configuring things with the new requirements (certificate?, etc), even though I know that might be asking a lot and might be organization-specific.


I suppose this would need oauth support for Outlook? In which case, that’s currently waiting on Microsoft: Add OAuth support for Microsoft accounts by cketti · Pull Request #6115 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub