Temporary file of attachment without file extention


I’m using K9Mail in a Onyx Boox note air2 with Android 11.
To open file attachments instantly, k9 stores a file without extention in the download folder. The buldin pdf-reader “NeoReader 3.0” cannot identify the file type without extension. Is there a way to force k9-mail to store temporary files with e file extension?



K-9 Mail doesn’t write a file to the download folder when you tap the attachment in the message view screen. K-9 Mail will try to launch an app using a URI that references the attachment data in K-9 Mail’s app-private storage. The URI typically looks something like this: content://com.fsck.k9.debug.tempfileprovider/temp/952900bba8fd2eb4f50d041065f955a0878439b5

content: is a URI scheme specific to Android. It allows the receiving app to query further information about the content, e.g. the display name (file name) and the size.

It looks like NeoReader doesn’t support that last step. Try raising the issue with your device vendor and have them point their developers at OpenableColumns  |  Android Developers

Things will probably work fine if you manually save the attachment to the download folder (tap the button on the right end of the attachment box) and then open the file from there.

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Thank you for the quick response!