Tell K9 which browser to use?

Hi. If there are links in emails which I open in K9, and if I want to follow those links, then I would like those links to open in the browser of my choice (which is not my Android phone’s Google Chrome browser).

At the moment the links in emails in K9 open in Google Chrome, and I can’t see a method in K9’s settings by which to make the links openin another browser.

Is there a way I can set a default browser for K9?

Simple answer: No.

K-9 delegates opening a website to the browser through the default browser intent. Thus, whatever browser is set as default will be opened.

If you are handy with Android programming: You could fork the K-9 sources and exchange the intent for one you define yourself. Additionally you would need to create a small service app that intercepts that intent and then opens your browser of choice.

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Or you can just go to the settings of your service and tell it which browser should be your device’s standard One.

@tchara, thanks for your advice. Unfortunately I’m not up to programming Android.

@GunterKönigsmann, thanks for the suggestion. I have tried to implement it just now but I see that on my Android device Google Chrome is the default browser, and it’s not possible to make another browser the default.
A selection button is provided beside Google Chrome in the list of default apps, but pressing that button will not switch it off, and there is no way of entering the name of an alternative browser. I guess that’s Google for you!

@Gunter_Königsmann, BUT thanks again for your suggestion because although my Android device’s settings do not permit me to change the default browser, I have just found that by loading my default browser and going to its settings I have the option of making it the default. I then tested this change by returning to K9 and pressing a link within an email and, lo and behold, the link was opened not in Google Chrome but in “Samsung Internet”! Excellent! Problem solved!

@Iolo_and_Peibyn good that your issue is resolved. You may want to mark the answer by @Gunter_Konigsmann as solution.

However, I am not sure if this is the actual solution you are looking for. Based on the wording of your initial post

it can be assumed that you only want a different browser for links opened in K-9 without changing the system default…

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@tchara, you have a wonderfully logical mind! But I’m happy with the solution which I found. I’m lucky that Samsung’s own internet browser, “Samsung Internet”, offers one the ability to choose to have links open in a browser other than Chrome.