T9 is deactivated. activation only possible by opening options

Wow… this app and this forum are so weird…
I HATE it when a so called “Support” hides behind that limited options and is not capable at all if you don’t share your data to ANOTHER instance to MAYBE get help with THEIR app ONE DAY. I HATE IT!!!

Now since I signed up here I really expect an answer to my question and a solution for the problem instead of boilerplates and links to Fear and forums.

Why is T9 deactivated EVERY TIME I want to write an email? Why can I ONLY activate it by going to the options site and then it works fine???. This is so look annoying and does not change with any update.
I’m right about deleting this app and use another…

Hmm … the app is K-9, not “T9”. The primary developer and others do respond to questions here, but most of the responses come from users and are specific to the questions - not referrals to other sites. But moving on …

What version of K-9 are you using, and what Android release.

Could you explain in more detail what you are encountering when you say you have to “activate it by going to the options site”? For instance, do you get error messages - if so, what (specifically) do they say? If you don’t get error messages, what is the indication that it has been “deactivated”?

With K-9, once you have configured your incoming and outgoing mail servers it will normally continue to work going forward, without further intervention, unless there are issues with those servers.

What mail provider are you using for your outgoing messages? And what are your settings for:

  • SMTP server
  • security
  • port
  • authentication

With these additional details hopefully we can help resolve your issue(s).

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(I know that users shall help users here so the developers don’t need to care about customer support, that’s what I critisized)

when I say “T9” then I mean “T9”. I know that the app is called K-9 but thanks for the hint…

I’m talking about the T9 (Text On 9 Keys). Maybe you know it as “auto-correct”.
The system which suggests words you’re trying to type even if you fail.

This T9 / auto-correct / text input tool is deactivated everytime I want to write a new e-Mail, even if I just finished one and start the next one right after.
I can only activate it if I hit the options button (the small gearwheel) and then go back to the e-Mail I want to write.
Then the T9 / auto-correct / text input tool is activated as it’s supposed to be and suggests me words and especially e-mail adresses which I begin to type - like it does on ALL other text-, e-mail- and messenger apps.

Android: 8.0.0

K-9: 6.708

Provider, server, port etc. have nothing to to with this issue. It even occurs when I’m offline.
When I started using K-9 on the same mobile with the same android version I didn’t have these problems. It started years after.
I didn’ experience this issue on any other app I’m using, only on K-9. So what could it be?

With your explanation of your issue, and that you aren’t referring to K-9, I agree that the server/port/ etc. aren’t relevant. It also is fairly clear that this is not a K-9 issue either. Rather, the problem appears to be specific to your T9 app. I suspect you’ll have better luck by raising your issues with its developer and any support channels it may provide.

Yea… that’s why this problem occurs ONLY in K-9 and not in ANY other App…
“Go ask someone else who will definitely recommend to ask the developer”
I should have known… Thanks for literally NOTHING!

This is a forum for K9 where most of the users are no K9 developers but only users of the app by themselfs. If you think that this is a bug of K9 then IMO it might be better to create a ticket at Github

Maybe also some of the devs will read this here and answer

Like I said before “Go ask someone else who will definitely recommend to ask the developers”
And the developers might maybe get off their high horse to reply but they will probably not.
Alright, you just confirm the expected: the easiest way is to simply use another app for my emails.
Problem “solved”!