Syncing Phone with desktop

Both my cell phone & desktop computer have access to email. K9Mail & Seamonkey. What settings should I use on my phone so that emails deleted on phone show as deleted my email server too? Currently I have to read and delete the same emails all the time.

Also K9 downloads emails that are already downloaded by K9 often resulting in multiple copies the the same email. How do I stop this behavior?

If you want to use email on multiple devices, switch all devices to the IMAP protocol. Then it behaves as one would expect: everything is properly synchronized.


Can you please tell me where the IMAP setting is located?

You can only set it when setting up the account. If you want to check which account type you have, go to side bar → settings → account → fetching mail → incoming server. If the top line says “IMAP Server”, you are good. If it says “POP3 Server”, I suggest to remove and re-add the account. On the desktop I currently don’t know from the top of my head but it should be somewhere in the account settings as well

you’ll also want to confirm that your provider supports IMAP. at this point almost all do but there are some outliers still.

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Be aware that all your mails you fetched with K9 POP3 configuration potentially are already deleted on the server. Hence, when you delete your POP3 config on K9 then all these mails would be gone. In that case maybe better keep the old POP3 config in parallel with new IMAP config on K9. Set the old POP3 config to no longer fetch mails from server