Syncing android to computer

I am trying to sync my K-9 to my home computer so if I’m away from home I can check, respond or delete. It still does not show on my phone.

Need more information …

“home computer” os?
android version?
k9 version?

how are you trying to connect your phone to your computer?

if/when connected, what are you running on your computer that you will be connecting to/with to sync your mail with k9? i.e., are you running an imap/pop server there or expecting to be able to do direct file syncs?

once we have a perspective of what you are trying to do we can let you know what is, and isn’t, possible/practical and options.

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Thank you, I will get back with you.

My guess is that at least one of the involved devices uses pop3, a protocol which allows you to pull mails from the server and to delete them but that doesn’t allow for real sync.

Direct syncing mail between devices at the device-level mail store is iffy at best - even if the clients on both devices use the same type of mail store/mailbox format. Depending on how/where and what type the mail store is on the devices it may not be at all possible. An imap/pop server mitigates this, but yes, pop was not (really) designed for users in a multi-device mail environment.

Thank you for the information. I have it now, so all is good.