Sync one folder to way back?

Normally, I want to only automatically sync the last couple of weeks of emails (which is already a couple of hundred) to my mobile device. However, I have one folder with emails such as annual ticket notifications/links, where I want to be able to sync back farther on demand.
There used to be a button something like “Sync 250 more mails”, which - under the new UI - doesn’t seem to appear anymore.
Is there an easy solution to this?

That button is still there (but only if there are actually more messages to load). Are you sure that the folder has more messages?

Firefox shows 76 mails in this folder:

K-9 shows only 4 mails and no button:

In the K-9 Settings I have selected that I only want 250 mails from the last 3 weeks to be automatically synced and when I look at the older mails, the cutoff here is obviously the 3 weeks. But I would expect to be able to manually sync more from farther back if they exist in that folder.

Hmm, interesting. Sorry, I don’t know. Maybe cketti could help when posting a debug log.

Right now “Load up to X more” does not override the “Sync messages from” (message age) restriction. It probably should.

The whole mechanism to only fetch a limited amount of messages per folder needs to be overhauled. There are a lot of edge cases that don’t work properly.