Sync between Thunderbird desktop and mobile

I read this information in K9 blog :slight_smile:
With syncing coming to Thunderbird desktop in 114, the ability to sync accounts and other data (such as filters) with the mobile Thunderbird experience should be supported.
So what it that?
Can we will sync data between Android version and Linux desktop version without a third partie as Nexcloud (for example) ? …and without Mozilla account ?

My current understanding is that Thunderbird Sync is unlikely to make it into the next Thunderbird release (115).

The general idea is to sync accounts and settings between devices. Data like emails or calendar events won’t be synced via this mechanism. Like today, IMAP and CalDAV accounts will be needed for that.

Thunderbird Sync is based on Firefox Sync and will require an account. You’ll most likely be able to host your own Sync server. In the future there will probably be an API for extensions to add support for custom sync mechanisms.


Ok, maybe in future, a fast way to sync calendar and address book without a third partie (if desktop and mobile Thunderbird version are on the same wlan) will be great !

Calendars and contacts are not as closely tied to email if you are on Android, compared to the PC. They are mostly managed directly by the Android system, supporting all kinds of front-end apps and back-end synchronization services. So K-9 is maybe not the best app if you look for contacts synchronization. I would rather ask at the DAVx5 forum, for example, which is a calendar and contact sync backend.

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Yes, that’s the solution I’m currently using :), in order to stay away from GAFAM.

But using DAVx5 implies using a server solution like Nexctloud.
It’s annoying because it requires to have a full Apache PHP MySQL server on my computer just to synchronize some contacts and calendar, it’s …too much !
(Note that actually I have a Xampp system on my computer and not a solution on external web hosting provider, and I don’t want an external solution for more reason)

So, that’s why I would like to have a simpler synchronization system, based for example on SQLite, and working simply between different Thunderbird installations (I don’t know if SQLite is usable on Android). For example, I imagine a system integrated to Thunderbird (like KDE-connect) where the different Thunderbirds (connected on the same lan) would communicate easily and directly between them. This is just an idea, I don’t know if it’s easy or complicated, if it’s heavy or light, secure or not, etc…