Swipe to synchronize (is this a feature?)

New user - Installed K9 Mail version 5.600 on Android 8.0 (Samsung S7) and configured two accounts and other details successfully.

One behavior I notice is that it seems when I swipe down (drag finger from top to bottom) the currently account’s e-mails, a synchronize occurs. I only want to synchronize manually when I press the sync icon (arrows in a circle) at bottom of screen. I’ve set Account->Fetching->folder poll frequency to Never. At the top of the “Accounts” window the note “Syncing disabled” appears.

I am trying to make every setting focused on avoiding unintended/accidental mobile data usage beyond that which I specifically command (that is, during a sync by pressing the sync button at the bottom of the window.)

Is this behavior controllable?

Thanks for any advice!


As far as I know, there’s no way to disable this behavior in 5.600. One thing you can do, however, is cancel the sync by dragging back up before releasing the drag.