Swipe right to select message from inbox

I would really like to go back to having the ability to select an email from the list by swiping right instead of a long press. At least make swiping vs. long press a display option. A long press really slows down the snappy interaction I’m used to.

If the option already exists and I just haven’t found it yet please let me know.


While I’m here, 1 upvote for being able to see the 11 accounts I manage on 1 page. I used to switch between that and the unified inbox depending on what I needed to do and losing that page is definitely a shortcoming of the new UI. But I can live with just the unified inbox if it’s not coming back.


You can press the contact icon in front of each message to quickly select

Thanks. I didn’t see that because I don’t have the icon displayed because it takes up unnecessary space. I don’t care to see the icons but if that’s the only way to quickly select a message instead of the old (and better) way of swiping, I guess I have a tough choice to make.

I miss the swipe. I loved it and it was a main reason to stick to K9 :confused:


Right. Swiping right is a natural Android thing to do, like with notifications. I like using it to delete multiple messages that I know I don’t want to read.

I’ve been trying the new way of hitting the icon but I still naturally swipe right first and curse at it when it doesn’t work. So far this is my only deal breaker with the new version.

If I don’t get used to it soon or the developer doesn’t put back swipe right to select, I’m going to have to go back to the old version. Luckily I have a saved setup file and I think I have the APK from the old version somewhere. Crossing my fingers.