Support for POP

I got the latest update… And decided to go back to the 2018 apk.
One if the reasons is that pop accounts cannot use push as imap does, and that the button to force mail to be read has apparently disappeared.
So the only way seems to switch on the automatic periodical check… And the minimum period is really looooonng.
Please bring the force mail read button back…
If I miss something, happy to know.
That said, this new ui is not my cup if tea at all.
I have suppressed automatic updates for k9. This is a pity.

You can pull down in the side bar to refresh.

That’s a technical limitation by POP3. That protocol is not recommended anymore, so if possible consider switching to IMAP. Makes many things a lot easier (like switching email apps, using them with multiple devices, etc).

Pull down refreshes one account only. Doing this for each and every account is tedious.

If you are looking at the account list when pulling down, it refreshes all.

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