Suggestion: Warning banner for offline status

Hi there,

I’d like to suggest a warning-banner to notify that your device is offline.

I was accidentally offline and irritated why my server search returned with no results.

I hope my two cents are useful. Big fan of the app and curious to see it evolve.

This might be difficult as Android uses a context adaptation mechanism in order to obfuscate disconnection states from apps.

Apps need to explicitly implement server emulation or disconnected operations (or weak consistency) in order to not be affected.

Interesting, I see.

Alternatively, a warning or suggestion, in the event of manually checking messages, but without successfully reaching the server? Samsung Email and Fairemail, which I used both prior to K-9, currently have such warnings implemented.

I still find the lack of a warning when the mail server cannot be reached makes the app experience unreliable. Whether I’m traveling with bad connection, or if simply the mail server is down - I wouldn’t know.

I’m insisting once more to talk about it, as K-9 already has a system in place that alerts me when a server search query fails. A warning banner is displayed, indicating either “Remote search failed” or “A network connection is required for server search”.

Why not implement a similar notification system for manually fetching new emails by swiping down in the inbox, similar to the one already in place for server search queries in K-9?


E.g. Fairemail has solved this issue similarly: