Suggestion: Placeholder in sender - use one identity for many aliases


I’m a heavy user of aliases (catchall aliases with my own domain).
Every recipient gets an own alias from me.

Current behaviour:
If I want to write an email, I first have to:

  • go to the “Manage identities” setting
  • create my Identity for the new alias
  • select the Identity in the “Compose”-Screen when writing the mail.

I’d prefer to have an identity with only part of the email adress specified.
I propose to use a space as a placeholder, because it cannot be used in email-adresses (if unquoted).

  • “
  • ""

Desired behaviour:
Now when I write an email, I’d have to:

  • select my identity from the list of identities
  • the space is replaced with the current cursor position
  • I can enter an alias of my choice

When I receive an email on an address, which matches the pattern the same adress should be used when replying.

Is this usecase too exotic? Are other users interested in something like this?
Using a different alias for every recipient is very important to me for privacy reasons and helps prevent spam.

Please tell me, if you would implement it in any other way.

Kind regards,

I found the following links:

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