Suggestion : An "Undo" feature for swipe actions

Hello, I like the new swipe actions to the message list screen, it is very easy to delete a message for example.

…but, maybe, it’s too easy :
Sometime, I delete message because my phone choose “swipe” instead of “Android back button” when I make a drag from screen corner. (I use my phone without 3 classic Android bottom button, so only gesture)
After that, it is difficult to locate in the trash folder which email has just been deleted !

Please make an “Undo” popup for few second in screen bottom after a swipe action.

Thanks :slight_smile:


That would be very helpful!

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Yes, I agree. A discrete popup at the bottom would be helpful to undo inadvertent swipe deletion.

It would also be possible to activate the setting to always show a confirmation for deleting messages, but this setting is quite annoying as it will actively ask for confirmation in all cases and it is not needed in most of the cases.

In addition, I propose to make the swipe gesture less “easy”, i.e., longer swipe distance to lower risk of inadvertently deleting messages.


Yes, a longer swipe distance is a good idea in association with discrete popup :slight_smile:

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+1 for both suggestions. Deleting a mail is just too easy…

Still no “undo” feature !
Have the developers ever experimented with gesture navigation ?