Suggestion: add options to restrict email sync (weekdays)

Since there are alot of people sending and receiving business emails from their private phone, it would be really useful to have options to restrict auto email sync for each account/email address. I would suppose following options:

  • email sync only on weekdays (days selectable)
  • email sync only within a selected time range on selected (week) days
  • maybe even restrict manual sync (or make it configurable) if the restrictions above are active.

At least some of us tend to open new emails because they cannot stand to have unread messages. Even if it’s a business email, even in the spare time…


That seems like a large set of complex options/logic that of course you’d want to have in every mail client that you might use. Given that, it would seem much better to have this implemented on the server side. Depending on the filtering rules available through your provider’s web interface, I suspect that you might be able to effectively get most of that with the tools you already have available.

The fall back would be to simply not open the messages in question.

Well, speaking as a programmer, this isn’t complex at all!

An implementation on server side doesn’t make sense either. Like I wrote, it is about business emails. As an employee, you normally don’t have access to a web interface.

If K9 mail client would offer such a feature, it would stand out against all other email clients.

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If this is the case, you should be able to sumbit a pull request.

You are not wrong there.

I think your own desire for this feature may cause you to greatly overestimate its value.

K-9 already can be configured to only sync when Auto-Sync is enabled.

A better solution to your underlying issue would be to learn how to not be a slave to your email. You are suffering a Pavlovian condition. This suggests to me that you would greatly benefit from disabling all email notifications and hiding message counters. Set an alarm on your device that occurs at the times when you wish to check email.


@linkp Uh, no.

Considering the number of linked requests in Request: Per-Account "Quiet Time" · Issue #993 · thunderbird/thunderbird-android · GitHub, this is a feature people are looking for. I know about 7 people personally who use this feature in other clients, and 2 including myself that miss it in K9.

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