Suddenly app don't work

Hi, please can you help me? From yesterday the app suddenly don’t work without explanations…
A message appears saying: “the k-9 Mail application crashed abnormally” and the two options “report” or “ok” and then it doesn’t open anymore.
Please help me because in this way i’m in the troubles.
Infinites thanks of heart, see you soon and best wishes for all things to all of you.

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Have you tried the usual?

  • Force close from Android settings.
  • Clear cache from Android settings.

If you have a backup and are using IMAP:

  • Clear all data from Android settings.
  • Deinstall and reinstall K-9.

If you are using POP3: Sorry, but you had it coming.

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Hello, thank you very much for your kind reply and forgive my ignorance please… but I did everything, forced close and cleared the cache but nothing it won’t open, I don’t have a back up so I can’t uninstall…
What does “If you are using POP3: Sorry, but you had it coming.” mean?
And if I install an old version with apk file is that a valid theory? Or does anyone have the apk file of the latest version? So I overlay that, what do you think? Anyway, even now, it has continued from two days not to open and send the blocking message.
So see you soon and thank you so much of HEART.

If you were using IMAP, you could just reinstall the app without loosing data (just your settings at most).

With POP3, your data is only on your device and gone for good once you deinstall.

You can only manually reinstall an app with an APK with same origin signature. Now, it is imperative to stick to the original installation source in orde to have matching signatures. Have you installed from Play Store, F-Droid, or somewhere else?

Infinites thanks of heart, i installed from play store and i have andoid 6…

Infinites thanks of heart, i installed from play store and i have andoid 6…

Nonthing, tha app don’t open, continue to appear the message" the app is blocked iteself abnormally", I’m DISPERATE someone can you help me please?

Is this the concrete error message? It does does not seem to make sense…

Did you try to reinstall it and it still shows that error?
Or do you use POP3 which disencourages you to reinstall it as then all your only locally stored mails will be gone?

You still haven’t told us which K-9 version you are running. If you are running a beta version, maybe also just wait a few days. It’s possible that it is already fixed and will be released soon Don't crash when K9WorkerFactory gets called for an unknown class by cketti · Pull Request #6574 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub

In italian the message say precisiosly “L’applicazione K-9 Mail si è bloccata in modo anomalo”.
I didn’t reinstall because I’m afraid of losing data…
Infinites thanks of heart…

Thank you so much for your kind response and availability, I have the version 6.501 downloaded from playstore and it crashed suddenly, up until two days ago it worked without problems and now it still gives me the message "The K-9 Mail application has blocked abnormally” and does not open.
Infinites heartfelt thanks ad best wishes for all things to all of you, see you soon…

I see that there is a new Beta version 6.502 which only fix seems to be:

Fixed crash at app startup

Maybe this is fixing your issue.

Thank you very much from the heart, do you know where to find this version or can you send me the download link please?

WONDERFUL! I installed the new update and everything is back as before, I have no words to thank you, honor to you and best wishes for everything to you all.

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Great that it worked for you. Could you please set this thread to solved by marking the helping message a “Solution”?

Infintes thanks of heart.