Stopped working after update: Delete emails from server when deleted in app

Hi there.
After the latest app update on 19.01.2023, my emails are no longer deleted from server when I delete them in the app. The setting to do so is still activated.
I’m using K9 Version 6.503.
Anyone else? Thanks in advance, this is getting overwhelming quickly…

Yes, my K9 stopped deleting mails from server as well. Newest version. Must be a bug.

Are the affected accounts using POP3 or IMAP?

They’re all POP3 in my case.

Thanks. A fix for this bug will be included in the next beta version.

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That’s great, thank you!

Same question – deleting emails on K9 marks as READ on Outlook but no longer deletes. Any advice?

K9 [edit ver 6.400] on Android Samsung S20 FE 5G; Outlook / Office 265 running on FutureQuest servers.

Since it’s been fixed in the Beta you could simply update :slightly_smiling_face: