Stopped recieving mail

All accounts, no mail in two days. All smtp. Aol, gmail, other domains, all. I know Im getting mail in those accounts (PC) but not via K9. Been working for years, until Wednesday at a liitle after noon PST.

Even the great dev of K-9 still isn’t a mindreader and will need more details, like:
Android version
K-9 version

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Just to bring this around… problem solved.

Rebooting the phone solved the issue.

All else was working fine, other apps, facebook, chrome etc… and just killing k9 and restarting wasnt enough. As soon as i rebooted, then launched, mail came a flowing in.

Samsung s20fe with latest updates.

Thanks anyway.

I have the same problem with my K9 and the reboot didn’t fix the Problem. Most of the time k9 isn’t receiving my mails (last two days no mails receivedwith k9), sometimes it works (today I got all the mails from the last 2 days). saw the problem last week for the first time. Mail account where I definitely see the Problem is gmx (I have not so many mails on my other accounts to say that i have there the same problem.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5g
Andoid: 12, patchlevel 1. feb. 2022
K9: 5.807

Can anyone help here or say what else as Informationen is needed?

Thanks Sebastian

Does it maybe change when you change your network, i.e. switching from Wifi to mobile data or vice versa?

Then it maybe could be related to

No I also tried that because sometimes I have problems with my network. In that state wifi and 4g is working and i can see mails via webmail but not with k9. So switching network doesn’t resolve the problem.
The curiosity is, that it is now working again (this morning). I didn’t change anything. Just restart k9 (without restarting phone) and now it works. I will observe it in the next hours and days. seems to be a sporadic problem.

In any case I would recommend to check battery optimization settings. I see that you have Android with recent patch level (Feb 2022) so I assume that you had an update recently. As far as I know Samsung somtimes resets battery optimizations on system updates.

I checked that and saw no false setting. Also the failure occurs when I manually initiate the update of the mail account. So it has nothing to do with background update or so.
The failure is now back. I have new mails in my webmail but when starting the download in k9 there are no new mails.

I thought that I had a similar issue a while back. Mails after a certain date just wouldn’t be received…

However, it turned out that the mails were actually received, they just wouldn’t display. For some strange reason (haven’t figured out what causes it) a filter activates on my inbox and the new mails are simply not displayed. Now I know that disabling the filter and changing the sort order twice (to ascending and then back to descending by date), will make the emails appear.

Can you please check if your problem is similar? If “yes,” this would indicate a problem with filter and order rather than the network…

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