Status of a manual sync activity no longer avalable

I don’t know how many others have seen this quirky thing - but hopefully those that do will comment :

On the much-missed Account Overview screen, after pressing the manual sync button at the bottom, K9 5.6 gave very useful connection status messages.
On some WiFi access points, despite other apps connecting OK, K9 would often not manage to connect and authenticate OK with Hotmail, as shown by the missing ‘Accessing message headers’ status message.
When not seeing that message - stopping and restarting WiFi then allowed a successful sync activity. So the connection status messages were useful.

As other apps didn’t need this WiFi intervention, I’m speculating it may have been a K9 network bug, maybe just with Hotmail.
But - now there are no such connection status messages - so I don’t know if the synch was unsuccessful or if there are no new messages.
Does anyone have similar experiences?