Sponsoring development of K9 via Github

I am now a sponsor of K9 (no I’m not fishing for a “thank you” here).

My question is:
It seems that one can only make donations in US-Dollars. Given that K9 “headquarters” are in Berlin, and I am in Munich /Germany as well, it seems strange that Euros should be converted to Dollars, and then back to Euros, because this might cause additional banking fees (I am not sure about this, though).

What’s the question?

Well, obviously, in case I didn’t miss an option on the github page that could be set for a donation in Euro currency:
Wouldn’t it be good if Github offered an option to give in Euro curency, because I would rather give my money to the person/ team I want to support than pay bank fees (as I said, I have no idea how much is charged by the bank for converting Euros → Dollars and back to Euros).

I asked this question on the Github website -
I will report here what their answer was when they have responded.

So, here is the response I received from Github support:

"I’m afraid it’s not possible to pay for your sponsorship in EUROs at the moment. We use Stripe to faciltate Sponsorships and we send your payment (made in USD) to the recipient’s account in USD. This means any fees for the currency conversion from EURO to USD will be set and charged by your card provider. If the recipient of your sponsorship receives their payout in a currency other than USD, Stripe will apply “the daily mid-market rate provided by our service providers” and take “an additional fee of 2%” from your sponsorship to them. You can read more about Stripe’s currency conversion process here:


I’m sorry I don’t have better news to share here, but I will highlight to our engineering team that it it would be beneficial to avoid conversions, if possible."

So, maybe in the future, Github will facilitate this.

@steffan77 K9 can also be sponsored directly through Liberapay.
You have the option to donate in Euros (when you scroll down to the middle of the page donation page)
as well as other currencies. Give that a look (the link below).
That might be a better method for you to avoid fees.

K9 kann auch direkt über Liberapay gesponsert werden.
Sie haben die Möglichkeit, in Euro zu spenden (wenn Sie auf der Spendenseite bis zur Mitte der Seite nach unten scrollen)
sowie auch in anderen Währungen. Schauen Sie sich das mal an (der Link unten).
Das könnte eine bessere Methode für Sie sein, um Gebühren zu vermeiden.

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Yes, I do know Liberapay - I have been donating via Liberapay for several years to a few recipients, including K9 mail. I had a dispute with the people of Liberapay and decided I don’t want to continue to donate via their webservice. You can check the post below.

Older post by me in this forum

@steffan77 Well it was just a suggestion. If Liberapay somehow manage to discourage you then I hope you can find other options. But from that post it seems that many others do not have this issue. I hope you find another option, and if you do…please share with the community. All the best! :sunglasses:

Actually, I do use Github for contributing to K9 Mail.

I looked on the webpage of K9 Mail on F-droid
F-Droid – page of K9 Mail
there are only these two ways (Github and Librapay) of making donations to K9 – the devs of K9 Mail probably aren’t particularly interested in receiving donations.