Specific SMTP for specific identity

It would be awesome if we could have SMTP server support. I, for example, forward all my emails to another email and need to send emails from that address. Look at this:

emails from me[at]example[.]com [gets forwarded to] some[at]domain[.]org.
when I want to reply, I need to reply from me[at]example[.]com.

Now I can add identities but it raises some problems and many of my emails will end up in junk folder. I need to send emails from that SMTP server on example[.]com. On Thunderbird, I have no problem because when I add identity in the software (not server), I can set specific SMTP server for it to use but on K-9, there’s no feature like this.

Can we please add a feature to set special SMTP server for an identity?

Thank you very much.

This is also posted as an issue on GitHub: /k-9/issues/5236

I just realized my issue is an duplicate of #1117. It is still open since 2016. I think developers don’t have enough time to work on it. Sadly, I don’t know how to code for it, is there anybody that can help with bringing it, if the maintainers permit?