Spam filter not available

Hello, My emails are not filtered by a spam filter. Actually, this action is not available in my action menu. The only action available is the Delete action. How can I have the Spam action accessible in order to put this filter in place ?
Thank you

K-9 mail does not have its own spam filter; it is expected that your mail server provides this functionality.

If you have a Spam folder selected (Account settings → Folders → Spam folder), K-9 will give the Refile → Spam option within a message, which moves the message into the spam folder. Most mail providers will use that action to retrain their spam filters on the server side.


Hello, My problem is precisely that the Spam folder in K9 does not appear altough I checked the box Spam in my account settings menu. I checked all the actions that I would like to see in my menu (Move, Copy, Spam, Delete) but only the Delete action appears…