Spam button required in message overview

In the past we had a spam button to move spam quickly to the spam folder.
Now we have the delete button (somewhat useful) and a mark as read/unread button (more or less not useful at all, could be moved to menu).
Either the user should decide via settings or a user survey should be held.
Thanks to the developers that keep k9 Up to date.

Best by settings where users can define their own order. Survey would result in order which matches for many, but not for all. And those would ask for change again.

Seems like every user indeed has different requirements: I never used the “spam” Button until my mail Provider started to employ a spam filter that learned from what you 9ut into the spam folder but I frequently use the “mark as unread” button.

Yes, the requirements are different. I never marked a mail as unread after I read it. If I’m afraid to forget it, I’d rather take a note or move it to a special folder.
Maybe my mail addres is spread too widely that I receive lots of spam I’d like to move quickly to the spam folder to help my providers spam filter to learn from that.

As I already said: a solution may be to do a user survey or make it configurable.

I fear it would take me years to change the respective code. So I hope for people who can do.

Still, I’ll stick to k9!