Sometimes not syncing mail

I have come across a issue, i have k9 setup to push emails what i have noticed is if i read my emails on another device and delete it some times its still showing i have the same email on my phone, i have to manually refresh for it to dissappear on my phone.

I’m using the gmail app on my other device and using K9 on my phone.

My phone is Samsung a52 s 5g.

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Same problem… also same Samsung Galaxy…!?!
So could you(support team) help me to fix the problem…?

@Mike6the9Mad how long has this been happening, i didn’t have this problem before.

Also I’m still getting the notification waiting for new emails, even though its untcked in the notifications settings in the k9 app.

Here you wrote that it worked to get rid of that notification

@stphn Yes it gets rid of the notification but then i have the problem of emails not syncing on my phone if i delete them from another device.

Since couple of weeks…tried a lot but nothing works so i use gmail …but its not the same esay working as with k9…!

Sad no answear from the support…?
How suprising…!
I dont waste longer time with apps their dont work correct…!
So i am done wit K9…! :mobile_phone_off: :do_not_litter: :end: :headstone:

Hi, could you record a debug log and send it here? Maybe someone can see what is going wrong.

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:rofl: Unbelievable… seems it works again…?!
If it continously working correct i post here an update… after couple of days…!

Going really mad test it today in the morning and dosnt work again… enough time wasted…!

Is it IMAP or POP3?
What about the logs you wanted to send?
Also could you send a screenshot of your settings of “Fetching mail” for your account?
For me it looks like this:

Trying a lot empty cache, check the in/out going link… so i have no further idea and i dont waste anymore time with some apps if i could take other their better works.
Sad while i like K9… but if i mot get the last mails… senseless…!

Ok, your screenshot shows outgoing server from “Sending mail”, not the settings from “Fetching mail”.
Also no logs.

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1st Pic…

2nd pic…

3rd pic… better hope so…?

@Mike6the9Mad You have folder poll frequency set to never and push folders set to None.

You need to either have folder poll frequency minimum is 15minutes or have push folders to Class 1

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Change ot but nothing changing better… and really…?!.. an mail app had to work correctly without i spend many times if it works enough…!
So K9… is done for me…!

Ok - then still the last thing is to get debug log from your side as requested before. Maybe it shows something which can explain it…

So try everything clear cache and data memory on my SG but nothing works today again…!
Back to the IT Support Crowd Team…?!
I am finally done with K9!