[Solved] App crashes when opening an email

I enabled Show Headers and now every time I navigate in to an email the app crashes.

It’s unlikely that this has anything to do with the “show headers” functionality.

It looks like Google shipped a broken Chrome/WebView update. We use the WebView component to display emails. So the app will crash every time you try to open a message.
You could try uninstalling Chrome and WebView updates. That should revert the WebView component to the version that shipped with the device. Not great, but should work until Google ships a fix.


Google must’ve pushed an update to fix it - mine updated when I got up this morning, but nothing is crashing. I guess since I was asleep (and the phone is on Airplane mode at night) when the last update came my device skipped it … lucky me LOL.


Yep, looks like they borked the Gmail app also as it crashed when I tried to open it earlier.
Given that they had to get the update out pronto!.. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
All working normally again. :+1:

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Hi cketti. On my Samsung S9 I cannot uninstall Chrome and there isn’t any “WebView” app… I can just disable Chrome, and I’ve done it but K-9 still crash everytime you try to open a mail or to write a new one… Other solution?

Check out Google issues a fix for constant Android app crashes

Ok. Thanks. It works now! (Y)

Since some days ago I have the Problem that K9 is not able to open “pictures”. Once I click on the button to open the pictures K9 crashes. As I read to uninstall the updates of Android Web View I found that I am not allowed to do so. Finally I uninstalled the App and now K9 is able to open all the elements in the mails. Do I really need Android Web View?