[SOLVED] Adding new AOL mail acounts

Having an issue with adding AOL IMAP accounts.
Seems that once an AOL account exists in K9 then setting up additional AOL accounts only show OUTBOX for new accounts. Originally I had several accounts, deleted one and went to re-add and this happened only to the last account. Trying to troubleshoot, I cleared cache and re-tried adding another account with the same issue. So I deleted and tried reinstalling a clean 5.800. After one successful account add, all subsequent account add attempts are only showing OUTBOX and seem to have issues when authenticating. Giving up.

If you get an authentication error, it means K-9 Mail can’t connect to the mail server. You’ll still be able to finish setting up the account in the app. But K-9 Mail won’t be able to download the list of folders or any messages. “Outbox” is a local folder that will be created whether the app is able to connect to the server or not.

You need to find out what causes the authentication errors. Maybe you’ll have to use an app password.

AOL’s server settings can be found here: Use POP or IMAP to sync AOL Mail on a third-party app or download your email - AOL Help

I believe that aol, like gmail and yahoo, now requires app-specific passwords for 3rd-party mail clients that don’t support (it’s approach to) OAUTH2. Do a search for aol and app passwords and I think you will find documentation on how to set them up.

Apparently this is the issue on a fresh install though not sure why when importing from backup on a previous install many of the accounts authenticated without an app password?
This is the confusing part… most likely due to my ignorance on how this all works. :slight_smile:


For others having this issue, AOL will generate a 16 character alpha password in the form of xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx. Use the generated app password sans spacing. :+1:

If you have logged out of your AOL mail account the current password expires instantly. You need to login to your AOL account and generate a new one. Every time you log out. :frowning: