So I updated (not my choice). It's ups and it's downs

The ups:

  • Really [censored by poster] slick UI elements.
  • 5.800 was released with push, which was of critical importance to my application.

The downs:

  • Except in email bodies (where it’s true black), the “Dark” theme is lighter than 5.600’s Dark theme, arguably reducing battery life on OLED and MLED displays.
  • I recently ran into an edge case where the previous folder (which could be the same as the current folder - I’ve had it twice) seemed to be used as the background for the folder I navigated to. I could not read the contents of either as they were overlaid.
  • As described in another topic from another user, no more accounts overview - maybe, for some of us, this could be replaced by moving the list of accounts from a sub-list (hidden behind an arrow) of the slide-out panel to the main slide-out panel and adding back the unread counts there? Not essential.
  • Apparently, when you have a lot of toolbar items enabled, the “Send” menu is in the menu on phones. This led me to accidentally spam a message because I expected send to be where spam was.

Overall, I’m impressed. I should donate.

See :slight_smile: I learned that only a few days ago, too.

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Dark isn’t even dark gray, which would be defensible from a battery life perspective based on that article.

It looks to my untrained eyes like 50% gray.

I was curious, so I checked. The color is #303030, which is 18% gray. Using the same formula as in the article above, it means that the color needs 2.5% more battery than full black.

I must be losing my sight then, or used to higher contrasts.