SMTP without authentication stopped working with v5.805

I have been a happy user of k9 mail. I prefer not to store passwords on my devices if at all possible. I prefer certificates or gssapi. I have been validating to IMAP using an account name and a tls client certificate. For SMTP I have been using a tls client certificate with no login. I use postfix with with my own CA and have a port on which only known client certificates are allowed. This stopped working with the update to v5.805.
The change list for this version states: “Fixed the check for missing incoming/outgoing server credentials (introduced in K-9 Mail 5.804)”. I don’t know if I am the only person using tls certificates in this way but it has worked well for me. There have not been any changes to my server and thunderbird still works from the desktop so I think this is a k9 change. My logs show that nothing was offered to the mail server.

Did you set Settings → [Account] → Sending mail → Outgoing server → Authentication to Client certificate?

I’ve looked a bit further at this. The issue is not related to client certificates.
In the “Outgoing server settings” there is the option “Require sign-in”. If this is not ticked and “Next” is selected the settings are validated with the server. The server logs show the validation of the settings. If email is sent using K9mail nothing leaves the android device. The server logs are empty.
The same settings in the stock samsung email application send mail as they should.
The feature/bug is in the outgoing server setting when “Require sign-in” is not selected.

Thanks for the investigation. I can confirm this is a bug in K-9 Mail 5.805. It’ll be fixed in K-9 Mail 5.806.

Thank you
I’ll look forward to 5.806