SMTP Response is 0 length

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Been using K9 email for years to download my POP3 emails from Zen Internet. I’m on Virgin Media Broadband. Was working up until the upgrade where I can still download new emails, but when sending, they sit in outbox and I get the error SMTP Response is 0 length. Works fine when I’m on EE and not on Virgin. But my wife has trouble either on O2 or Virgin. I know it’s easy to point the finger at the ISP, but this started directly after the upgrade.

Hope you guys can help.

After joining the Beta program, and updated to the latest version as of 21 August. I now get SocketTimeoutException. Screen shot of error attached.

When I try to telnet to port 465 (ssl/tls) on either of your mail server’s IPnumbers I get a “no route to host” error. Even though telnet can’t speak ssl, I should get the connect banner if the port is open. If instead I try port 587 (starttls) I can connect to both IPnumbers. So, try changing the “security setting” on your outgoing mail server setup to “starttls” - that will automatically change the port to 587.

HI, Thanks for the reply. My K9 outdoing server always has been set to port 587 with STARTTLS. It only stopped working on the big update in July. Interestingly my Samsung email which I’m using due to K9 issues does work, the only difference being outgoing security is TLS, same port etc however.

I can’t tell if you changed your setting to port 587 (and that still didn’t work) or you believe it is already set to that. The error message you included, above, clearly shows K9 failing on port 465, which your mail server doesn’t seem to respond on. So double check that setting for the outgoing mail server for the account in K9 you are trying to send from.

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I have exactly the same problem. K9 stopped working for outgoing mail with Zen on my Samsung after the upgrade a couple of months ago. My other ISP is fine with K9 using the same settings. Other apps and devices are fine with the same settings which have not changed, STARTTLS, port 587. Error is “Cannot connect to server. (SMTP response is 0 length).” The problem is only with outgoing K9 mail and Zen.