Slow and slower to load message list and message

Hi all,

I know this to be a very subjective question, however my impression is that loading the message list (to display, not download) has become slower over the past months.

Also, loading a message sometimes is stuck with an empty view (only navigation is shown, rest of screen/body is empty) for about 5 seconds.

Anyone else experiencing this or should I simply try to wipe and reinstall (and hope it does not happen again over time)?

Regards, Tobias

Do you have “Show contact names” enabled? Some phones are extremely slow in giving K-9 the list of contacts.

I have it enabled, yes. But this is not new, I have been using the same settings for years.

Maybe you have more and more contacts in your address book, so the address book takes longer and longer to give K-9 access to the list.

Not really. I wonder about something else: pagination does not seem to work? In the message list, I see ALL the messages in a folder, not just the 250 messages I use to download. Was this not working differently before?

I don’t know. That’s something @cketti can answer

I believe the POP3 code currently doesn’t automatically remove old messages that are no longer on the server.

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This might be part of the problem: currently, my inbox holds several thousand mails without pagination. This was different in former versions if I remember correctly: the list would have a “load more messages” at the bottom, right?

I assume the number of messages has impact on loading the message list and maybe also on loading time of individual messages?

Any idea how I would be able to delete messages older than N days without manually selecting/deselecting?

The newly released version speeds up loading the message list a lot, the loading of individual message still feels the same though.

What I see is this: The app becomes unusable with large inboxes. · Issue #3472 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub

Caused by this: Local folder size limit does not work · Issue #4815 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub
Also reported here: Inbox folder just keeps growing - #21 by RTK

Would be awesome if issue 4815 gets resolved anytime soon.