Since this morning, K9 does not display email bodies on my mobile

Anyone know, what to do?

(On my PC, Thunderbird still displays the texts; this is why I think, K9 has a problem.)

Best regards, and thank you for any help


What android and k-9 releases are you using? What brand device?

Assuming you haven’t updated k-9 in the last day, it’s likely that a system-level rendering component, outside of k-9’s control, was updated.

My mobile is Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017). I am not sure about a “brand device”, but I have a model number SM-A-20FL. I have Android 8.0.0, Samsung experience version 9.0. Patch level is 1st of November 2020.

K9 App has Version 5.600

To my knowledge, I did nothing like an update or install of anything recently.

And yesterday, it worked, since this morning it does not. And it is just the email body missing. There are even the buttons for loading the complete mail and for loading grafics. If I press them, I see nothing happening.

A collegue recommended I should reboot the mobile.

I did this, and now, it works again.

Thank you for your concern; perhabs it is a recommendation for others who run into the same problem.

As you are using the 5.6 version of K9, which hasn’t been updated in some time, the underlying issue is rather unlikely to be something with K9 proper. At least a couple of these reports are for Samsung devices, so I suspect that they are updating something that K9 uses, e.g., webview, in a way that breaks things. They then seem to fix the issue, but you likely need to close/reopen applications (which a device reboot will do) in order for the fixed code to be properly loaded.