Show only unread emails

The new K-9 showed up last night, uninvited and apparently unwelcome. Others have already talked about the loss of the initial screen and being able to see all of my accounts with their counts of both starred and unread messages. I want those back on my main screen.

But what I miss most is the ability to click on that circle and see a list of only my unread messages. I realize that I can sort so that unread messages appear at the top, but my old capability of selecting all and then deselecting a few that I wanted to keep unread is missing. It was very easy to select everything that was new, deselect a few, and then delete everything still selected. I can’t find a way to do that now. Very disappointed.

See Can it filter starred messages? - #2 by cketti

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The linked item suggested that this will come back in the future. Hopefully soon. The behavior I described is my primary interaction with this application many times a day, every day. Hopefully you’ll put it back in before I grow irritated enough to switch apps.

Totally agree. Please add back ability to see and traverse “all unread” and “all starred”. Ideally with its counts icons for each account.