Short K9-documentation (German)

Dear Cketti, dear Bytehamster!

Unfortunately i’ve found no way to contact you directly on this site, so I try it with an new topic in this forum and hope you’ll read it.

My name is Stefan from Bamberg, Franconia (Germany). I´m working with K9 for at least five years and the K9-App was always my favorite email-client using my smartphone. However it is not easy to understand all the details of this wonderful app, especially when your not an expert in IT. It’s quite necessary to invest much time in order to comprehend K9 and its details.

That’s why I decided to create a short K9-DOCUMENTATION (format: PDF, 7 pages) for German speaking users. You can find it at the appendix. It can be used directly online or printed. If you want to offer this documentation your (German speaking) user community you can do this. Perhaps these kinds of assistance could widen the whole user group.

With the best wishes from Franconia to California (?)
Stefan Reichert

K9 documentation (German), page -1-

k-9_documentation.pdf (164.8 KB)

Hi! Thanks for working on a German documentation! I’m not sure where to best link to it (@cketti is the person who should decide this). My idea would be to make it an extensive forum post, so that it can easily be found on Google. Maybe the chapters could be individual posts, so that one can link to specific chapters. Also, others would then be able to comment on the documentation, ask questions or report typos.

Please don’t upload text as bitmaps. That makes it impossible to read for users with screen readers. Also, Google can’t read it either, so it will not appear in the search results.

Cketti and me are both from Germany :slight_smile:

By the way, even though I’m pretty active on the forum currently, I’m not a representative for K-9 who could make any official decisions. Only cketti can do that :slight_smile:

We could add a page to the official documentation linking to third-party documentation and tutorials. You’d just have to upload the PDF somewhere publicly accessible.

I guess maintaining the guide as a forum post as suggested by ByteHamster could work, too.

Right now our documentation is quite outdated. It is integrated into the website and the navigation is a bit confusing. We plan to extract the documentation to a separate site. This is currently work in progress.

We have created a new repository for the documentation and Art is currently working on the infrastructure: GitHub - k9mail/k9mail-docs: [WIP] K-9 Mail documentation

Help with the official documentation would be very much appreciated. I’ve created a couple of issues with initial work that needs to be done.

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Is it not possible to give me an email-adress? I could send you the PDF-File as an appendix:

Here is one of my own Email-adresses:
[removed by ByteHamster]

I really think a forum post would be better than a PDF. The reason is that the PDF will likely be outdated in 1-2 years when K-9 changes. PDF files cannot really be updated. If it is a forum post, the information can be kept up-to-date easily. It could even be converted to a wiki post, so others can contribute to the text.

That being said, if you really want it to be PDF, I can upload it to the forum and attach it to your post (I think I have the permissions to upload any file type). My email address is info@<my user name>.com. By the way, I removed your email address from your post. One of my email addresses that I posted on the internet in clear text is basically unusable now because of all the spam.

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Thanks @Stefan - I attached the document to your post :slight_smile: