Sever synchronization issue

I had the app working fine for the past few days but all of a sudden today. my emails are not sychning with the POP or SMTP server? I don’t know why or this blockage could have occured?

Would any of you know how to trouble shoot this issue? everything seems to work such as I did not get any typical error messages such at password, server or port.


More info is required like

What K9 version?
What mail provider?

You cannot receive (using POP) and you cannot send ( SMTP) mails?

Did you update K9 recently (and syncing stopped after that)? If not, this would seem to likely not be a K9 issue.

One way to check out things is go into the “fetching mail” and “sending mail” configurations. Select the “incoming server” and “outgoing server” options (toward the bottom of the list of settings) respectively and then the “next” button at the bottom. That will connect to the server to confirm that the configuration works. If there’s an issue you should see an error at that point. Note any message carefully (a screenshot would be good) as it will point to any K9/server syncing problem.