Setting Account Icons

Hi all,

By the looks of this forum I’m in the minority but having just had to set up K9 on a new phone from scratch I’m really quite happy with the new look and feel. Seems to do everything I need it to and I have no issues navigating around.

One think I think looks odd though is the account icons, I’m maybe missing the setting but I can’t seem to find a way to change them. It would look better if they were able to be themed to an account, either based on the provider or an organisation logo etc. At the minute mine are coloured “contact icons” which seems to be an odd choice to represent an account.

Thanks for all the hard work.

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You can change the account icons by creating a contact in your address book that uses that email address


Ooooh OK, that’s how you do it. I’ve spent ages scrolling through the settings menus.

I’m not sure it’s necessarily the best way to do it but it works so I’m happy for now.