Setting a Default Email Account

I am running K-9 Mail Beta Version 5.740. I have 4 Email accounts that I monitor. One of these accounts is my primary Email account. Under Settings I have dragged this Primary account to the top of the Email account list. However, every time I start K-9 Mail, and tap the menu at the upper left, it always brings up one of the accounts that I rarely need access, instead of my primary account that is at top of the list. How can I change the default account that K-9 Mail shows when the menu is opened? There is a similar issue when I go to share a photo (from my photo App) and select K-9 Mail App to share the photo. K-9 Mail lists the sender as this same rarely used Email account, not my primary account that is at the top of the list in my K-9 Mail settings. How can I change the default account the K-9 Mail uses to share document / photo etc. using K-9 mail.

Menu - Settings - tap on the email account you want to change

Then under General Settings tick the box of the 2nd option, “Default account”.

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There’s no good reason why we don’t use the first account as default account. I created an issue to change the behavior to match @dggerber’s expectations.

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