Server side search in bodies


Does K9mail support searching message bodies via server side search?

According to this post from 2015, it is not. Has it been implemented since then? Any plans?



That’s currently not supported. The problem isn’t the search part, it’s how we display data in the message list. Supporting this feature requires architectural changes in the app. But there’s no plan beyond “of course we want that”.

You mean highlighting searched text in found mails? Or something different?

What about to start with just giving a list of mails which match the search criterion - that already would help in my opinion.

No. We run the search on the server, download selected headers for the search results and write them to the local database. Then we run the same search in the local database and display the search results in the message list. That local search won’t return messages where the search term can be found in the message body because the body wasn’t downloaded.

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Hi @cketti

Thank you very much for the reply.

For my part, I would love to have body search some day - I get that it is a big rock, but I would use it.

On the other hand, my wife, who uses email more often than I, says she rarely uses body search.



Thanks for the community answers.