Sent messages not synchronizing


I have been happily using K-9 for years without issues. recently, I noticed that sent mail from K-9 is not synchronizing to webmail. it is being created in K-9’s “sent” box without issue. other synchronization issues have not been noted. recipients do seem to receive the emails, so I don’t believe there’s issues with SMTP.

I did search for some other similar issues and found users who found the boxes unchecked in their synchronization settings. going through my settings, this doesn’t appear to be the case. in Settings > Account > Sending mail > Upload sent messages is appropriately checked. in Settings > Account > Folders > Sent folder, “Sent” is the setting as appropriate.

any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot this or thoughts on the cause? is this a bug?

software and hardware information:
K-9: 6.603
Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Android: 10
kernel: 4.9.186-22990573


Ok, but us “Sent” really an IMAP folder? Seems to me like it is a local folder.

The folder class might be set to ‘none’ or ‘2nd class’ while the synchronisation setting is set to ‘1st class only’.

Do the mails appear on the server if you trigger a manual sync from within the folder?

thanks for the help! how would I check this? I don’t see an option to change this from local to IMAP or to check which is the current setting.

thanks, I appreciate the reply! in Settings > Account > Fetching mail, “Poll folders” and “Push folders” are both set to “All”. is that the setting you’re referring to or am I missing another one?

when I trigger a manual sync in the Sent folder (by dragging the screen downwards), K-9 synchronizes and updates its database but sent messages are not transferred to the server.

Sounds like your “Sent” folder is not the actual folder containing sent mail on your mail server. Please try refreshing the folder list in the folder view and see whether another folder with a name similar or equal to “Sent” appears.

interesting. going to Manage folders > Refresh folder list, I unfortunately do not see a second Sent folder.

perhaps of note, my Sent folder does correctly pull data from the server - it just doesn’t push (i.e. it appears one directional).

@dkmb: Sounds like a bug. Can you record a debug log while sending a message? LoggingErrors · thunderbird/thunderbird-android Wiki · GitHub

thanks much! I appreciate you all.

embarrassingly, I am now struggling to replicate this after having no issues previously doing so. I’m not sure why, although I’m happy synchronization appears to be working at the moment. I’m going to do some testing and I will submit a bug report if I can find conditions to reliably reproduce the issue. In the previous failures, the email was initially pended in the outbox due to poor signal, so I’m going to start my testing there.


I wonder if I am misunderstanding something about this problem and it’s not about the Sent folder but something about synchronization more broadly. I haven’t been able to replicate that, but I just opened my inbox in K-9, read and archived a new email, and refreshed the inbox, and the changes aren’t propagating to webmail. I don’t know if that suggests testing that I should try. Unfortunately I didn’t have logging enabled but I’ll think about it and try to replicate.

@dkmb , I am wondering if you are really using IMAP. Please go to “Hamburger menu (top left) / Settings / your account/ Fetching mail / Incoming server”. Near the top of your screen, do you have a field named “IMAP server”?

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IMAP does seem to be configured, and the incoming server is set up with my mail provider’s IMAP server when I go through those steps :confused: